For a hobby, small-lot in-house production, independent self- employed, screen printing, pad printing that can be done with less equipment investment. Would you like to try it too? This road 30 year veteran will teach you from the beginning. What is screen printing / pad printing? Please read the commentary page first if you think so.

You can print on such things by screen printing.
With rotating screen printing
Pad printing can be printed on uneven surfaces.
Handling product
Screen printing material
● Various types of ink (for metal, glass, various plastic,wood products, paper, cloth, leather, etc.) Domestic (partly made in the United States) famous maker products are divided into small parts and sold. It is also possible to order. ● Various squeegee ● Printing machine (Manual printing machine) ● Other accessories (separate container, small container) ● Various screen(Tetron. Silk)From 1 m. ● Emulsion ● Aluminum frame ● Bucket ● Plate making film (for inkjet) etc ● Pad printing material ● Manual pad printing machine ● Resin plate material ● Pad
The detailed index of the handling product is here.

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